How Our Consignment Works

We take in items for consignment by appointment only.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

A non-refundable, $5.00 processing fee, is to be paid by the consignor at each consignment appointment when one or more items are accepted.

At Eco Chic we accept women’s better brand, gently used clothing, size 0 to 5X, casual to formal, that is IN-SEASON and IN-STYLE. Make sure each item is freshly cleaned and pressed. The better your items look, the more money you'll make.

You can make a consignment appointment on our website under the "Book Consignment Appointment" Tab. You can consign once a month (30 days apart). We accept 15 items per appointment. Please make sure you have read "How it Works", "Consignment Tips", and "FAQ". Check our website often as appointments do open up. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook. We do announce "Walk-In Days" when we are in need of specific items.


- Select your IN-SEASON, IN-STYLE, BETTER BRAND, gently used clothes. Make sure each item is freshly cleaned and pressed. The better your items look, the more money you'll make. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING ON HANGERS OR IN DRY CLEANER’S PLASTIC.

- Only clothing that is within TWO to THREE years old will be accepted. Why? At Eco Chic, this is what our customers are looking for and what they will buy. We are selective about our inventory because we want the best for our customers, and that means you too!

- We will not accept clothing that shows any sign of wear (unless designed that way) or have any stains, missing buttons, tears or snags, broken zippers or pet hair, etc. Make sure the clothing is free of smells like smoke, moth balls, etc.

- Eco Chic will select the items to consign and reserve the sole right to price them as we feel they will sell. We do not negotiate selling prices. Eco Chic also reserves the right to place the items on sale throughout the 60 to 90 day consignment period.

- How do we set the prices? We base prices on the brand name of the item, age and the original retail price. The better the price, the faster it sells, so we strive to price things just right.

- After an approximate 60 to 90 day selling cycle, if an item doesn't sell, you will have two choices:

  1. The choice to pick up any unsold items within TWO WEEKS after the consignment period is over. If you choose to "pick up" any unsold items we ask that you call the store 24 hours in advance of pick up and we will pack them up and have them ready for you. If you miss your pick up date, the items will immediately become the property of Eco Chic Boutique, and either be donated, disposed of, or reintroduced into stock as wholly owned property of Eco Chic Boutique. NO COMPENSATION OR NOTICE WILL BE GIVEN. Because of limited space, Eco Chic cannot store your items any longer than the two week time period. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. The choice to have any unsold items clearanced after the consignment period is over. If you choose clearance, unsold items will be placed on a clearance rack in a final effort to sell them for you. This will extend the length of the consignment period and you will be compensated for these items if sold.  If they don't sell on our clearance racks, they will then be donated.  Nothing further is required on your part.

- Eco Chic will pay you, by check, 40% of the SELLING PRICE of the items and/or 50% of items that sell for $100 or more. You also have the option of receiving in store credit for a bigger return. You can receive 50% of the SELLING PRICE of an item or 60% of an item that sells for $100 or more, in store credit.

Clothing items are accepted based on our consignment schedule:
January: Transitional Wear, Lightweight Winter, No Heavy Coats, Boots, or Wool
February - March:  Spring Items
April - May - June:  Summer Item
July: SELECT Summer Items
August: Fall Items
September: Fall and Winter Items
October - November - December: Winter Items

-ITEMS WE ACCEPT. Everyday Women’s Apparel, Authentic Designer Purses, Shoes, and Cocktail Dresses.

- ITEMS WE DO NOT ACCEPT. Men’s, Children’s or Junior size Clothing, Business Suits, Bridesmaids Dresses, Wedding Gowns, Junior Dance Dresses, Maternity, Swimwear, Lingerie, Jewelry and Scarves.

- Ownership of consigned items remain the property of the consignor until sold, therefore, consigned items should remain insured by consignor's private insurance provider until sold. Eco Chic Boutique will take every reasonable precaution to secure consigned property; however, we are not responsible for loss or damage by fire, theft, accident, vandalism or any other cause. Nor will the consignor be compensated in any way in the event of such an incident.